Tuesday 12 March 2019

The ACCU's Overload magazine

ACCU is an organisation for programmers. Its original focus was C and C++, but now members use a variety of languages, talk about testing and process and how to keep learning. ACCU holds an annual conference in the UK, attended by people from around the world. There's even a YouTube channel of recorded talks from this.

As a member you get a discount for the conference, can volunteer to do book reviews, can participate in study groups, though these have been quiet lately, and get two magazines; the CVu members' magazine and Overload, which is open to anyone. There are also several local groups if you want to come along and meet us.

I've been a member for several years now. It's been a great networking opportunity and I have learn so much from other members. I love the magazines, and by starting to write for them myself, I stepped up my game. I began by writing book reviews, then tried some of the Student Code Critiques in CVu. Eventually, I wrote an Overload article, pulling together a discussion on the accu-general mailing list about floating point numbers.

I took on the role of Overload editor in 2012. We welcome articles from non-members as well as members. They are peer reviewed, meaning the author gets feedback, questions and suggestions. A surprisingly high number of writers have gone on to write books, myself included. (I mentioned I wrote a book about genetic algorithms and machine learning, yes?)

If you have an article you'd like to get published, let me know. We do accept existing blog posts, but the review team might well ask for slight improvements. There are some submission instructions here.

We welcome established writers as well as new writers. If you've never written an article, give it a go. You can learn a lot by trying to write something up. For example, as you try to explain something you may find gaps in your knowledge and understanding. Questions and suggestions from the review team will make your article better.

I love the ACCU and am looking forward to this year's conference, in just under a month. If you can't make the conference, find a local group, or consider joining the organisation. Or submit an article for Overload. Get involved.

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  1. wow, so interesting , where can I get the book ?

    1. My book is here: https://pragprog.com/book/fbmach/genetic-algorithms-and-machine-learning-for-programmers or search for my name e.g. on Amazon.

  2. Awesome. I have started to read Overload, the magazine.